Will voice tags be removed from Instrumentals?

All voice tags are removed from instrumentals after purchase is complete.

How can I download the beat and how soon will I receive it?

When your purchase is complete, you will instantly be redirected to the downloads page. Customers will additionally receive an email with a link to your downloads page. Your download links will expire 72hrs after purchase is complete.

If I purchase a Lease, can I upgrade my License later?

Yes, upgrades are available for Leasing and Premium License options (cost being the difference). To upgrade,

Fill out our form on our contact page with the beat name that you would like to upgrade to along with your original receipt order number.

Can I purchase Exclusive Rights?

Currently our highest available option is the Unlimited License. Exclusive ownership is not available.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept PayPal which provides direct Credit or Debit Card payment options.

I can’t find the beat I’m looking for. Can you confirm if it is still available?

If you cannot locate an instrumental using the beat store search function, contact us including the beat time name.

Are there any samples that need to be cleared before I start selling my song?

All sounds used in our productions are cleared for commercial use; this includes vocals, instruments and sound effects. You can immediate start profiting from your song.

Can I add my own instruments to the beat?

Yes, you can add sounds to or remove sounds from the instrumental to suit your song project. Please note that our instrumentals are for song recording purposes only; they cannot be used for remix purposes.

With regards to listing credit, you can add your name and the instrument(s) played in the following example format:

Produced by Cubesonics.com

Additional Guitars by John Doe

Can you call me or give me a phone number to call?

Cubesonics.com is currently set up for email support only. Please contact us via our contact page and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Having trouble downloading beats purchased?

If you have trouble downloading beats purchased through the cubesonics beat store and have not received links by email be sure to check your spam folder. If  download links are still not available contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.